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New Togaf Architect module

May 11th 2011 - Modelio publishes the new Togaf Architect module

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the release of the Modelio Togaf Architect module.


Over the past several years, TOGAF has become a major player in the field of enterprise architecture. Developed within an international consortium bringing together hundreds of businesses, TOGAF provides a terminology, an approach and a set of good practices to cover all facets of enterprise architecture: organization, strategy, business, technical, planning and change management.

Used with Modelio Enterprise Edition and its Modelio Scope Analyst module (goals, requirements, ...), Modelio Togaf Architect enables you to integrate the entire enterprise architecture model in a single repository, from the architectural vision phase to the software architecture and development phases, thus providing real support of the TOGAF enterprise continuum.


Used with Modelio Free Edition, Modelio Togaf Architect constitutes a free-of-charge solution for enterprise architecture modeling.


For more information, visit the Modelio Togaf Architect page of our website.



New Excel utility module

April 11th 2011 - Modelio publishes the new free-of-charge Excel utility module

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the publication of its Excel utility module, the first in a range of free-of-charge modules that will help you further extend your Modelio environment, completely free of charge.

The Excel utility module is used to import and export modeling elements and their properties between Modelio and Microsoft Excel, with guaranteed synchronization between the two tools.

Find out more about free Modelio utility modules...


Modelio exhibit at the OMG technical meeting

March 22nd to 24th 2011 - Modelio exhibits at the OMG technical meeting

Modelio is already involved in several OMG activities, such as the Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG). The MIWG is working on the validation of model interchange through XMI. Modelio is a leader in this group.


In the context of the exhibit, SOFTEAM provided OMG participants with the opportunity to get to know the Modelio range. One of the main focuses was on Modelio's SysML and MARTE modeling capabilities, and Andrey Sadovykh, the Modelio representative at the meeting, made a presentation on experiences in modeling embedded systems by combining SysML and MARTE.


The SysML profile was recently released by Modeliosoft, while the MARTE profile currently exists in a beta version and will be soon released.


Modelio exhibit at OMG technical meeting



Modeliosoft at OMG technical meeting

March 22nd and 23rd 2011 - Modeliosoft at OMG technical meeting, come meet us and discover our SysML and MARTE open source modules for Modelio

Softeam and Modeliosoft are active contributors at the OMG. During the next OMG technical meeting in Arlington, VA, USA on March 22nd and 23rd, Softeam will have a stand to present Modelio and two of its open source modules, SysML Designer and MARTE.


Visit Softeam's stand and learn more about free and open source system engineering modules for Modelio.

Delivery of Modelio 1.2.2

February 17th 2011 - Delivery of Modelio 1.2.2

What's new?


  • It is now possible to rename the projects in the Workspace view.

  • modeler_rename_EN
Renaming a project in the workspace view


Document Publisher Light

  • The Document Publisher Light module now comes with a new HTML generation format.


An example of HTML generated documentation    


Pattern Designer

  • Introducing a new functionnality with the Pattern Designer module dedicated to creating UML model patterns.


The Pattern Designer interface


C# Designer

  • The .NET framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 are now supported.


Note: Please note that the upgrade (1.2.1 >> 1.2.2) requires a new license key as some modules in the new version come with new features.
Please contact Modeliosoft with your maintenance contract number to request your new license.


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