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Learn how to use Modelio for all your analysis, design and development purposes

Professional training sessions

Modeliosoft, in collaboration with Softeam, is proud to bring you all our Modelio experts in new architectures (SOA, MDA, J2E, .Net, ...) and methodologies, in order to make the deployment of Modelio as smooth as possible with regard to your specific needs.


Training sessions can take place either on Softeam's premises or on your own company premises for your teams around the world.


For more information on our training courses, contact us...


Training in Paris, Rennes, Nantes and Sophia-Antipolis Nb days Ref Price
Model-driven engineering with Modelio

Modelio Analyst: Goals, requirements, dictionary, business rules. 1 MAN €650
Modelio Modeler: UML modeling, document publishing and teamwork. 1 MUM 650
Modelio Java Designer: Model-driven Java development with Modelio. 1 MJA 650
Modelio C# Designer: Model-driven C# development with Modelio. 1 MCS 650
Modelio C++ Designer: Model-driven C++ development with Modelio.
1 MCP 650
Modelio MDA: Extending models, programming model transformations, writing scripts, writing code generators and creating document templates. 2 MMD €1160
Modelio EA-BPM Modeler: Enterprise Architecture modeling, SOA architecture modeling and BPM with Modelio. 2 MEA €1300
Modelio SQL & Hibernate: Modeling, generating and reversing your relational database schemas, producing Hibernate mapping and Java applications handling relational data. 1 MSH 650
Modelio Teamwork Manager: SVN administration, repository configuration (modules, model components), PEM (Process Extension Module) definition. 1 MTW 650