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Comprehensive diagram support with Modelio

A full range of diagrams for comfortable, productive and consistent modeling

Modelio diagram support

Modelio provides clearly understandable UML diagrams, semantic diagram editors and live model consistency checks, to guarantee the essential cohesion between all views and models in the repository.
Plus, Modelio provides some useful additional diagrams like Business Process, Requirement or Enterprise Architecture diagrams.

The following diagrams are supported by Modelio:

1 - Using the Modelio EA-BPM Modeler module
2 - Using the Modelio SOA Architect module
3 - Using the Modelio Requirements Analyst module
4 - Using the Modelio Dictionary and Business Rule Analyst module
5 - Using the Modelio Goal Analyst module

Modelio diagram support closely respects the UML2 standard, which recommends the breakdown of models into the following diagrams:


Modelio Diagrams


However, it is worth nothing that the standard is not inflexible regarding this breakdown, and other diagram combinations are authorized. And for this reason, as well as providing support of the diagrams mentioned above, Modelio also brings additional flexibility to diagram definition, by enabling extra elements to be introduced into diagrams, using the drag & drop feature (for example, to represent traceability or responsibilities).

Take a tour of the Modelio diagrams

Here at Modeliosoft, we believe the best way to show you the extent of UML2 diagram support provided by Modelio is by taking you on a guided tour that brings you some real examples of the use of UML2 for various different modeling needs.

To follow our guided tour, either click on one of the Modelio diagrams types in the list at the top of this page, or click on the "Next" button at the bottom of each page.

Enjoy your tour!