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Modelio Enterprise Edition

Enterprise-wide modeling, large-scale team support, MDA customization
to adapt Modelio to your environment

Key features

  • Full UML2 support
  • Model-driven code generation
  • Code-model synchronization using your favorite IDE
  • HTML/MS-Word document generation and customization
  • XMI import and export
  • Teamwork management and project sharing
  • Configuration and version management with the "Subversion" open-source tool
  • Platform generation modules (C#, Java, C++, SQL, BPEL, XSD, WSDL, Hibernate)
  • Metamodel access through a Java API
  • MDA customization
  • Tool extension through a wide range of modules
  • Scripting language support (Jython)
  • SOA Architecture modeling
  • Enterprise Architecture and Business Process modeling
  • BPMN support
  • Requirement and goal analysis
  • Dictionary and business rule definition

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Modules for Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modelio Enterprise Edition
Module Description
Modelio Modeler Full UML2 support.
Support of team cooperation and project sharing.
MDA support (the Java Designer module is required for all Java customization).
Scripting language support (Jython).
Goal Analyst Goal analysis, traceability and impact analysis.
Dictionary & Business Rule Analyst Dictionary definition, business rule analysis, traceability and impact analysis.
Requirement Analyst Requirement analysis, traceability and impact analysis.
EA – BPM Modeler Enterprise Architecture and Business Process modeling. BPMN support.
SOA Architect Logical architecture, functional architecture and SOA architecture of information system modeling.
SysML Designer Technical system engineering and modeling. Works with Modelio Requirement Analyst.
Document Publisher

HTML and OpenXML document and report generation.

Configuration through a large set of templates.

Java Designer Model-driven Java code generation.
C++ Designer Model-driven C++ generation.
C# Designer Model-driven C# generation.
SQL Designer Relational database schema modeling, SQL generation and reverse.
Hibernate Designer Model-driven Hibernate mapping and Java access class generation.
XSD Designer Model-driven XML schema generation.
WSDL Designer Modeling, generation and reverse of WSDL web services (sold with XSD Designer and BPEL Designer).
BPEL Designer BPMN modeling dedicated to orchestration (sold with WSDL Designer and XSD Designer).
Teamwork management
Teamwork Manager Teamwork management.
Configuration and version management using the “Subversion" open-source tool.