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Modelio open source modules

Take advantage of open source modules developed by the Modelio community

Available open source modules

An unlimited source of extensions from Modelio Free Edition up

A set of open source Modelio extensions is now available on the sourceforge site. These extensions provide additional functionalities in Modelio Free Edition or Modelio Enterprise Edition.

Available for use with an open source Apache (APL) license, these Modelio extensions can be used and modified freely. You can also edit them using Modelio MDA Designer, in order to further adapt them to meet your own specific needs.

Visit this page regularly for more information on available Modelio open source modules.

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Togaf Architect

TOGAF is the Enterprise Architecture Framework standard defined by the Open Group organization. It has been defined
as a UML and BPMN extension (profile) by the TOGAF-Modeling.org web site. Modelio Togaf Architect provides dedicated editors that assist the architect in modeling
enterprise architecture using TOGAF.

  • Enterprise architecture modeling
  • Specialized graphical editors
  • Production of TOGAF catalogs and matrices
  • Generation of architecture implementation models
    (when coupled with Modelio generators)
Screenshot of a Togaf Architect diagram

SoaML Designer

SoaML is the SOA architecture modeling standard defined
by the OMG organization, and has been defined as a UML extension (profile). Modelio SoaML Designer provides
dedicated editors that assist the designer in the building of SoaML models.

  • SOA architecture modeling
  • Specialized graphical editors
  • Generation of architecture implementation models
Screenshot of a SoaML diagram


U2TP is the standard test modeling language defined by the OMG organization.

Modelio U2TP module implements this extension to UML: it gives the test designer dedicated commands and graphics to assist him in the specification of test systems.

  • Integration of test specific concepts: test cases, test objectives, verdicts...
  • Dedicated graphic artifacts
  • Generation of sequence diagrams templates
Screenshot of U2TP

SysML Designer

Systems Modeling Language - SysML for short - is a modeling language specific to the field of systems engineering. It is used to specify, analyze, design, check and validate numerous systems and systems-of-systems.

SysML is an OMG standard defined as an extension of a subset of UML, using the UML profile mechanism.

  • Specific editors dedicated to SysML
  • Support of all SysML extensions
  • Support of block diagrams, internal block diagrams, parametric diagrams, class/package diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, use case diagrams and requirement diagrams
  • Integration with the Modelio Requirement Analyst module
  • More information on SysML Designer