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Modelio Togaf Architect

Model your enterprise architecture using the TOGAF, UML and BPMN standards

The TOGAF standard

TOGAF is a framework for enterprise architecture (EA) which provides a comprehensive approach to the design, planning, implementation, and governance of enterprise information architecture. TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

TOGAF is a high level and holistic approach to design, which is typically modeled at four levels: Business, Application, Data, and Technology. As an open standard, TOGAF is widely adopted to support EA.


Modelio Togaf Architect, as recommended by the Togaf-Modeling.org site

The www.togaf-modeling.org website is a cooperative site dedicated to standard-based enterprise architecture modeling. It provides a practical solution for producing different types of Togaf model using the UML and BPMN standards, as well as extensions specific to Togaf. Rich in examples and contributions from Togaf experts, the togaf-modeling.org site recommends Modelio as the first environment to support the recommended models.


Togaf modeling artifacts

Key features

  • Support of the Togaf enterprise continuum
  • Guide for producing models that reuse Togaf-compliant standards
  • Specific Togaf-dedicated editors, support of all Togaf models
  • Support of 33 types of diagram: traceability, business footprint, business service information, functional decomposition, product lifecycle, event, data security, business use case, ...
  • Generation of Togaf catalogs and matrices
  • Integration with Modelio generators (Java, C#, WSDL, SQL, ...), enabling generation of software applications integrated with the enterprise architecture model
  • Integration with the Modelio Requirement Analyst module: spreadsheet entry of goals, requirements and dictionaries, document generation, import from MS-Word documents, modeling wizards, impact analysis, ...
  • Traceability editor
Togaf Architect diagram

The freedom of an open source module

Modelio Togaf Architect is brought to you as an open source module, accessible on the sourgeforge site.

You are free to adapt this module to your own specific needs, and to contribute to its evolution.


Download the Modelio Togaf Architect open source module.

icon Sample - Discount Travel with TOGAF (54.31 MB).
This Modelio project provides a TOGAF based model example of a travel agency. This example is compatible with the Modelio Enterprise Edition (Version >= 1.2.2), with the TOGAF Architect, the Requirement Analyst, the Goal Analyst and the Dictionary Analyst, and the document publisher modules.