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Modelio Requirement Analyst

Formalize, model and manage your requirements, and connect them to your business and IT models

Key features

  • Requirement analysis
  • Graphical requirement modeling, compliant with the SysML standard
  • Spreadsheet editors for requirement
  • Traceability management between requirements and other models (EA, BPM, IT/UML, …)
  • Definition of requirements in MS-Word
  • Model creation wizards
  • Modification impact analysis: Automated construction of impact analysis diagrams
  • Pre-defined set of requirement properties providing an on-the-shelf requirement analysis approach
  • Customization of requirement properties to your approach.
  • Dedicated documentation generation, with the possibility of combining documentation with other model/template parts (use cases, analysis models, …) and including traceability matrixes.
Modelio Requirement Analyst

A unique feature - requirement analysis integrated within your model

With Modelio, start with the requirements definition phase and continue seamlessly right through to the analysis and design models. Based on standards such as the OMG's SysML (System modeling language), Modelio supports the graphical modeling of requirements, and formalizes the model parts impacted by each requirement, as well as the test cases that will check that each requirement has been met.

Modelio’s impact analysis tool identifies the consequences of a change to a requirement (see impact analysis diagram on the right).

Modelio Requirement Analyst

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