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MDA - Model Driven Architecture

Turn Modelio into a quality and productivity tool dedicated to your environment

MDA accessible to all Modelio users

MDA is an OMG standard technology enabling model extensions to be implemented and used for model productivity purposes.

Modelio natively provides three levels of MDA support:

  • Basic: Define model extensions (stereotypes) "on the fly" while you are building your models
  • Advanced: Organize your extensions, add properties and features
  • Expert: Deploy your extensions, model them, develop model exploitation code in Java, extend and adapt the Modelio GUI (requires the Java Designer module)

Modelio provides a scripting language (Jython), interpreted, easy to program, which accesses the rich Modelio Java API. Any user can send requests on the model, ask for a transformation or implement small utilities as macros, on the fly. Jython code can be executed in "batch" mode, in order to realize repetitive and tedious tasks with absoutely no human intervention.

The Modelio script editor
Window for interactive execution of your Jython scripts


Modelio MDA Designer demonstration Watch the "Modelio's MDA capacities" demo

Watch this video to find out more about the MDA capacities of Modelio,
including PIM->PSM, PSM1->PSM2, PSM1->PSM2 iteration, incremental
PSM and PSM-> code model transformations, and much more.


Key features

  • Graphical modeling of your UML profiles using UML2 diagrams
  • Java API to adapt Modelio, define model transformations and generate code
  • Open and fully-documented metamodel, accessible in Java
  • Generic Java API for adapting existing Modelio modules (code generation, teamwork management, ...)
  • Extension packaging and deployment with "modules"
  • Wizards to create modules and prepare their Java code
  • Immediate deployment, test and debug of developed modules
  • Transformation session management: guarantees model consistency, rolls back in case of transformation interrupting consistency
  • Scripting language (Jython interpreted language) and macro definition support
  • "On the fly" stereotype definition

Modelio MDA Designer
MDA Designer: Model extensions, package modules, write Java MDA code

Easily build and deploy your MDA adaptations

  • Tool and drive a specific methodological approach
  • Extend Modelio’s modeling capacities
  • Simplify the work of your teams and increase productivity
  • Capitalize on best modeling practices
  • Systematize code and documentation generation work
  • Adapt existing Modelio modules, such as Java Designer

MDA (Model Driven Architecture) is an OMG standard: "MDA is an approach to system development that provides a means for using models to direct the course of understanding, design, construction, deployment, operation, maintenance and modification.”
Modelio MDA Designer
MDA Designer: A dedicated MDA implementation tool integrated within Modelio


Modelio MDA Designer tutorials - start learning now!

As well as the "Modelio's MDA capacities" demo above, the following MDA Designer tutorials are also available: