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Free utility modules

Extend your Modelio environment using free utility modules

Modeliosoft can now help you further extend your Modelio environment, completely free of charge, through a set of free utility modules. These modules provide additional services that can be used in a broad range of contexts.

Modelio utility modules will be progressively published. Visit this page regularly for more information on available Modelio utility modules and new publications.

The Excel module

The Excel utility module is used to import and export modeling elements and their properties between Modelio and Microsoft Excel.

With the Excel module, you can export requirements, business rules, goals and dictionaries (supported by the Modelio Analyst modules) and use cases from Modelio to Excel, before modifying them in Excel and synchronizing them in Modelio. This means you can choose whichever editing tool you prefer, between Modelio and Excel, in order to resynchronize with Model and produce models that are in synch with Excel tables.


download Click here to download the Excel utility module


downloadClick here to download the Excel module user guide

The Excel utility module