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Modelio 2 is the new version of Modelio!

Modelio is now an open source modeling environment.

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Modeliosoft produces Modelio "distributions", providing a guaranteed version of Modelio with extensions dedicated to enterprises, and a range of support and maintenance services. Modeliosoft also provides consulting, training and made-to-measure development services.

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Modelio 1.2.x, on this page, is available for maintenance purpose and for migrating projects from Modelio 1.2.x to Modelio 2.


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Full Editions

Download full Modelio packagings. Each edition is available for specific purposes. You can choose the one that fits you best.

Version 1.2.3 (Latest release)

Modelio Free Edition

Modelio Free Edition is a complete, unlimited modeling tool that can be used for personal or professional projects. It is completely free of charge.
Download link PlatformsSize Date MD5
Modelio Free Edition 1.2.3 - Windows windowsWindows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit)
213.39 MB 2012-03-21 2c5d9d9417b612810806a2200a7f2311
Modelio Free Edition 1.2.3 - Redhat redhatRedhat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (32-bit) 247.52 MB 2012-03-21 141da4e7b57358bba3973dd831718ea9
Modelio Free Edition 1.2.3 - Ubuntu ubuntuUbuntu 10.04 (32-bit) 248.33 MB 2012-03-21 5bce38d25d9f0c79c42be8ccac56aa67
Modelio Free Edition 1.2.3 - Linux linuxOther Linux (supporting RPMs) (32-bit) 247.52 MB 2012-03-21 be4fda4cf39bf52c3c435efe3ea54591

icon Readme - Modelio Free Edition 1.2.3
icon Lisez moi - Modelio Free Edition 1.2.3

Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modelio Enterprise Edition is the most advanced edition provided. It manages team organization across several projects/teams, and supports CMS and distributed team cooperation using SVN, including cooperation via the internet. It covers the entire scope of the system, from goal analysis to application deployment. It includes MDA support, through UML profile edition, module deployment, and a rich Java model transformation API. It is completely functional during a 10 day period, after which you should purchase this edition.
Filename/Download link PlatformSize Date MD5
Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2.3 - Windows windowsWindows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit) 313.28 MB 2012-03-21 7d7dca125b4b8dd17fa3e8f747883ac2
Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2.3 - Redhat redhatRedhat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (32-bit) 351.53 MB 2012-03-21 d315eeac780521c1be6665778fef9106
Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2.3 - Ubuntu ubuntuUbuntu 10.04 (32-bit) 352.34 MB 2012-03-21 42052c593f149b167228e619fc53376d
Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2.3 - Linux linuxOther Linux (supporting RPMs) (32-bit) 351.54 MB 2012-03-21 f7fb9206aafa9d549e0b98a8d9ca2294

icon Readme - Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2.3
icon Lisez moi - Modelio Enterprise Edition 1.2.3

Additional modules

Modelio Enterprise Edition is delivered with the set of modules you have purchased (see the "MDA" menu in Modelio to configure these modules in your Modelio project). The modules described below are either additional modules or recent updates related to your Modelio Enterprise Edition delivery.

You can also download Modelio open source modules.

Download link Size Date Description Modelio compatibilityLicense
icon Pattern Designer 1.0.11  7.53 MB 2010-11-25

Pattern Designer module.

Learn how to optimize your UML modeling with the Pattern Designer module.


(All Editions)

icon C# Designer 1.1.16 4.24 MB 2010-11-22

Archive file containing the C# Designer module and readme file. In order to install the module correctly, please refer to the readme file.

Discover the features of C# Designer.

icon DOORS 1.11.08 971 kb 2010-03-04

Archive file containing the DOORS module, its documentation and readme file. In order to install the module and its documentation correctly, please refer to the readme file.



In the case of floating licenses, some server tools are required to manage license distribution between client applications.

icon Modelio Server Tools (5.37 MB)