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Why should I choose Modelio?

Comprehensive, Standard-Compliant, Integrated,
Simple & Productive, Teamwork, Extendable, Affordable

Why choose Modelio


  • Enterprise Architecture, BPM, UML, SOA architecture, requirement analysis, dictionary and business rule definition, goal analysis
  • Support of the most popular development languages: Java, C++, C#1
  • HTML/MS-Word documentation generation


  • Exhaustive support of OMG modeling standards (UML2, BPMN, MDA, …)
  • Interoperability (XMI) validated by the OMG (Model Interchange Working Group)


  • Unique tool on the market place integrating requirements management, Enterprise Architecture, UML, BPMN, …
  • Central model repository for all modeling activities, ideal for large distributed teams
  • Total consistency, traceability management and impact analysis

Simple & Productive

  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn GUI – RCP standard
  • Comfort and productivity in model and diagram construction
  • Semantic diagram editor, real-time model consistency checking
  • Automated model-driven application code production


  • Low footprint: Modelio’s efficient architecture enables even the largest models to be handled, with no particular laptop configuration requirements.
  • Efficient collaborative and teamwork management (multi-user, multi-project), with no size limitations
  • Management of distributed collaboration across different teams, easily adapts to your procedures
  • Model diff/merge support
  • Integration of the open-source tool Subversion for version and configuration management


  • Modelio extendability for any methodology, platform or modeling technique:
    • Integrated MDA technology for module creation/deployment
    • UML profile modeling and definition support
    • Java API and transformation wizards, model transformation


  • The Modelio product range starts with the free-of-charge Modelio Free Edition dedicated to personal use
  • The best value for money with Modelio Enterprise Edition

1 - Planned for future release