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A tool to support the Praxeme approach

Modeliosoft is pleased to provide members of the Praxeme Institute with a free license for Modelio Enterprise Edition with support of Praxeme. This offer applies to all members of the Praxeme Institute, and the free licenses provided are valid for the duration of membership subject to annual renewal.


With Modelio, the entire scope of a business can be modeled, from vision to implementation. Modelio provides perfectly adapted support for modeling the different aspects of the Praxeme business method, including elements focusing on scope. Its MDA support means that the final application can be produced or that model derivations between aspects recommended by the Praxeme method can be automated.


The free license provided includes:

  • Modelio Modeler Enterprise Edition
  • The Modelio Praxeme module
  • Modelio Document Publisher
  • Modelio Goal Analyst
  • Modelio Dictionary and Business Rules Analyst
  • Modelio Requirement Analyst


To take advantage of this special offer, send an email to our Modelio licensing department, making sure that you mention the Praxeme Institute member license offer.


To download Modelio, click on the "Download" button and then download the modules mentioned above.


To find out more about the Praxeme open method or to become a member, visit the Praxeme site at www.praxeme.org.