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SOFTEAM: IT service company specialized in the integration of new software architectures and information technologies (J2EE, .Net, UML,MDA, BPM, SOA, ...), providing a wide range of high-added-value services in consulting, training and development.


OBJECTEERING SOFTWARE: Official distributor of Modelio in France and throughout Europe, providing its customers with a robust and optimized solution supporting model-driven development through its MDA architecture, itself the result of many years at the cutting edge of innovation. Constantly striving to meet its customers' needs ever more efficiently, Objecteering Software is continuously working on improving its product line. Solutions supporting UML/MDA, BPM (Business Process Modeling) and targeting SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), Java/J2EE and C#/.Net are more and more sought after in the software development market targeted by Objecteering Software.

Objecteering Software

Infostroy: Infostroy Ltd. is a global Software Development and Outsourcing Company, a Microsoft Certified Partner that has been involved in the software market since 2000. Our research department conducts constant research in the fields of software engineering and pattern recognition. Together with our Software Engineering Suite (including ActoStudio and SCMetrics), Infostroy officially distributes Modelio in the following contries: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the UK, Switzerland and many other countries. Software Engineering Suite is a very powerful software package which covers software architecture development, users manual development and source code quality analysis. In software outsourcing Infostroy specializes in software development for such areas as manufacture, business, e-commerce, communications, multimedia and data transfer, medicine/healthcare as well as embedded systems. The most innovative projects and new technologies are to be found in company's portfolio.


Almonix focuses on quick delivery of quality applications in line with the enterprise objectives. Our process is based on the UML language of the system architecture for documenting the user needs and objectives and rapidly creating the application in a MDA approach. Modelio offers the best support to improve our development process as much for the modeling than for the application generation. SOA and Agile fully compliant, it allows us to improve the quality and significantly save time and efforts in building applications not only for the Java but also for the C# and the C++ platforms. Almonix, North American Modelio distributor, wants the organizations to understand that MDA/Modelio is the most productive and quality prone development process.