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Modelio at MDDAY 2010

November 25th 2010 - Modelio at MDDAY 2010

Modelio was presented at the MDDAY 2010 show, held at Microsoft's head office in Issy les Moulineaux. Participants were able to attend pre-release demonstrations of the brand new "Pattern Designer" module, designed to define model transformations without having to write a single line of code. With Pattern Designer, simply build the desired model, indicate customizable parts and your pattern is ready for use.


In his "Can one be agile with a model-driven approach for large-scale projects?" presentation, Philippe Desfray presented how to organize a team to maximize the benefits of an MDA approach for cooperation between participants, continuous integration, and version and configuration management. For further details, check out the "Organizing a large model-driven software development project - Case study" white paper.


Emmanuel Grivot of the DCNS presented and then demonstrated how the combined use of a model-driven approach with Modelio and aspect programming could multiply the productivity of software architecture construction by 20, while providing a high level of agility to the developed system. The "Implementation of an MDA approach with Modelio within the DCNS" case study will soon be available on this website.