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Modelio Free Edition – A professional modeling tool completely free of charge!

January 5th 2009 – Launch of Modelio Free Edition

Modelio Free Edition provides complete support of UML2, BPMN, Enterprise Architecture and SOA modeling. For unlimited modeling capacities and document generation, look no further...

Modelio Java Express Edition - UML to Java model-driven generation for only €100!

January 5th 2009 – Launch of Modelio Java Express Edition

Modelio Java Express Edition brings you powerful UML to Java model-driven generation for only €100.

High quality Java code, permanent code/model synchronization, and a Java reverse are just a few of the features provided by this impressive model-driven development environment. Modelio Java Express Edition boosts the quality and productivity of your Java developments through specific features, such as smart accessor generation, which provides accessors corresponding to attributes and associations in real time. Java developers will appreciate all the power and control of Modelio Java Express Edition.

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