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Modelio Enterprise Edition launch

April 6th 2009 - Launch of Modelio Enterprise Edition!

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the official release of Modelio Enterprise Edition. This product is available for purchase or evaluation at www.modeliosoft.com.

Modelio Enterprise Edition is the complete, full-featured version of Modelio, and includes modeling, code and documentation generation, and teamwork support. Check out the complete list of Modelio Enterprise Edition features.


Modelio Enterprise Edition availability

March 26th 2009 - Modeliosoft announces the Modelio Enterprise Edition launch date

Note the date! Modeliosoft is pleased to announce that Modelio Enterprise Edition will be released on April 6th 2009, at www.modeliosoft.com, for purchase or evaluation. The full range of Modelio Enterprise Edition features will be available. Modelio Enterprise Edition manages team organization across several projects/teams, and supports CMS and distributed team cooperation using SVN, including cooperation via the internet. It covers the entire scope of the system, from goal analysis to application deployment. It includes MDA support, through UML profile edition, module deployment, and a rich Java model transformation API.

On April 6th, the Modeliosoft site will be updated to provide a detailed feature description of Modelio Enterprise Edition. Stay connected!


Modelioshop online

February 26th 2009 – Modelioshop online

Modelioshop is now online!
For 100€ (plus tax) you can buy Modelio Java Express Edition online. Just click on Buy button at the top of this page.

Modelio Enterprise Edition – Release announced for Q2 2009

January 12th 2009 – Upcoming launch of Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Modelio Enterprise Edition (Q1 2009).

This upcoming unique tool will supports large-scale teamwork and CMS through the natively-integrated popular open-source “Subversion” tool, and will cover the entire system scope, from goal analysis to application deployment.

Modelio Enterprise Edition manages team organization across several projects/team, and supports CMS and team cooperation using SVN, including cooperation via the internet.

For a unique team collaboration/life-cycle coverage modeling tool at a very affordable price, there's no better choice than Modelio Enterprise Edition. Keep an eye on the www.modeliosoft.com website to find out more.

Modelio Enterprise Edition is currently on Beta release.

Modelio - a brand new generation of modeling tool

January 5th 2009 – Launch of Modelio

Modelio is a new generation of modeling tool, designed to bring completeness, quality and simplicity to your modeling work.

Modelio supports system, enterprise and software modeling across the entire scope of a company:
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Goals, requirements, business rules, dictionary
  • Business process modeling
  • IT architecture modeling
  • Software modeling
  • Documentation generation
  • Code generation
Modelio provides support of key standards (UML2, BPMN), as well as complete support of MDA (Model Driven Architecture).

Modelio’s cutting edge architecture makes modeling easy and efficient, even when you’re working on very large models.

Discover Modelio Free Edition for comprehensive, single-user modeling, Modelio Java Express Edition, a highly professional Model-driven Java solution for just 100€, and Modelio Enterprise Edition for large-scale teams and large-scale projects.

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