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Modelio 1.1.1 - New Version

January 28th 2010 - Modelio 1.1.1 - More platforms supported and new modules!

Modeliosoft is proud to announce the release of Modelio 1.1.1, a new version supporting new platforms and introducing new features.

  • Linux platforms supported
  • Windows 7 supported
  • Specific properties explorer for Analysis Model view
  • Modeling BPEL process from BPMN process
  • Integration of new C# Designer module
  • Introducing SQL Designer module
  • Introducing WSDL Designer

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New Modelio C# Designer module

December 10th 2009 - Release of the new Modelio C# Designer module

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the release of the new Modelio C# Designer module, bringing you complete support of model-driven development of ".Net" applications.

Coupled with MS Visual Studio, Modelio enables you to increase the productivity and quality of your C# developments. .Net application developments can now take advantage of extended MDA (Model Driven Architecture) services, as well as a full range of modeling features covering the entire scope of the company (UML, BPMN, Enterprise Architecture, requirements analysis, ...).

The Modelio C# Designer module can be used in conjunction with other generation modules such as SQL Designer, XSD Designer, WSDL Designer and even Java Designer or C++ Designer, to provide advanced automation across all development technologies.

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Come join us at the MDDAY exhibition

November 10th 2009 - Join us at the MDDAY exhibition, where Modelio will be presented

MDDAY is an exhibition dedicated to model-driven technologies and tools, happening in Paris on November 26th (www.mdday.fr). Come join us at this important MDA event, meet  the Objecteering Software and Modeliosoft teams and see demos of Modelio's powerful new MDA capacities.

You will also be able to listen to the presentation by Philippe Desfray “Succeed in implementing MDA in your project: Keys for success”.

Modelio 1.1 - New Version!

September 21st 2009 - Modelio 1.1 - New version for even better system and software modeling!

Modeliosoft is proud to announce the release of Modelio 1.1, a major new version for even more productive modeling.

  • Even more accessible and efficient MDA services
  • Automatic generation for persistence with Hibernate
  • Customizable documentation generation (document template editor)
  • Customizable model audit
  • Even more comfortable and productive GUI
  • Generation and reverse of XML schemas (XSD)

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