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Unleash the true power of your models

  • Business modeling

  • Technical system modeling

  • Generation

  • Vision, goals, business rules
  • Requirement analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Modeling (BPM)
  • Technical architecture
  • Software modeling
  • System analysis
  • Requirement analysis
  • Software analysis
  • Software design
  • Code generation
  • Documentation
  • Code (C++, Java, SQL, XML, C#, WSDL, BPEL, ...)
  • Framework (Hibernate, ...)
  • Reverse Engineering (Java, C#, C++, SQL, XML, WSDL, ...)
  • Specific targets - MDA

Latest news

May 11th 2011 - Modelio publishes the new Togaf Architect module

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the release of the Modelio Togaf Architect module.

April 11th 2011 - Modelio publishes the new free-of-charge Excel utility module

Modeliosoft is pleased to announce the publication of its Excel utility m...


What makes Modelio unique?

With Modelio, modeling has never been so easy, productive, collaborative and comprehensive:

  • Wide range of supported models
  • Support UML2 diagrams
  • Strong modeling and code generation capacities
  • Large-scale team and model support
  • Modern architecture and GUI

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Two editions

  • Modelio Enterprise: For projects and teams, extendable through a large set of modules and dedicated MDA extensions.
  • Modelio Free: A comprehensive, professional modeling tool, free of charge!

The UML and MDA tool of choice

Modelio is the successor of the Objecteering UML tool, itself created in 1991. A precursor of MDA since 1996 and of model-driven development since its creation, Objecteering (Visit Objecteering site) is renowned for its professional support of UML modeling. Softeam (www.softeam.fr), the editor of Objecteering, has been actively involved in the OMG's work on UML standardization from the very beginning, driving the definition of UML profiles and participating in the evolution of UML.

Modelio implements the entire UML standard with the precision and experience of the experts, making UML accessible to everyone while providing assistance with and control over your modeling activities.

Modelio provides complete support of the UML standard and all its diagrams, consistency checks (more than 280) and dedicated modeling wizards, and support of the XMI exchange format, validated by its work within the "Model Interchange Working Group" at the OMG.

Modelio guarantees permanent model consistency, and ensures the optimal productivity of your models through the power of its MDA technology, generating for all technical targets according to your own architectural rules.

Through its complementary and integrated support of requirement, goal, business rule and dictionary analysis, Enterprise Architecture and BPMN, Modelio extends UML modeling capacities to cover the entire scope of system.

And last but not least, MDA technology and the use of UML profiles enable you to adapt Modelio and its editors in order to define and support your own modeling extensions.